About Paul Kalbfleisch

Paul Kalbfleisch has a long and diverse track record in marketing both from the agency and client side of the industry. He has held senior creative and strategic planning roles. This diverse background allows him to deliver a very unique value proposition – shortens the often very wide and confusing gap between strategy and creative execution. These abilities are used to speed up the strategy process, drive stronger alignment among stakeholders, and ultimately improve the effectiveness of new ideas.

PAUL Consulting works with companies who are often shaping new products, ideas, business models or influencing significant change.

We don’t shy away from complexity or fluid planning environments.


We clarify and shape complex issues through the use of narratives as a design tool. With storylines we put meaning to pie charts and create artifacts that become symbols of a company’s purpose.



Our Goal

Our goal is to help groups understand and feel their strategies at a deeper level. We help push business models, pull internal culture and shape an inspiring vision of the future.


Clients Say

Most clients say “We’ve been trying to say that for years and you did it in two paragraphs”. Then, they go off with our tools in hand and fluidly tell their own story with confidence.


Is this branding?

We treat brands as artifacts of narratives. Branding is a communication tool designed to manage consistency in messaging (which is important). A narrative is a tool that helps manage all the fluid aspects of messaging. It allows you to:


  • use one language to talk about strategy, internal culture and external communication
  • tell your story uniquely and relevantly to different audiences

We develop striking brands when that is what the narrative project requires. 



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